Considering that the hiring and loss of employees is one of the costliest factors of running a business, any business owner has a vested interest in ensuring they get it right the first time. You can assure this is the case when you actually conduct the appropriate pre-employment background screenings prior to the hiring of a new employee. This not only protects your business from loss, but it offers legal protection from the government, as well. We will run through a few of the factors that help illustrate the importance of pre-employment screening and why it’s essential that you rely on a professional background screening agency such as PSI Background Screening to conduct these investigations.


Legality and Liability

Negligence in hiring settlements average around $1 million, and employers tend to lose 75% of these claims when filed. These costs can quickly mount and are enough to send many businesses into bankruptcy. It for this reason that many businesses opt to reduce their personal liability by outsourcing employment screening to a professional background screening agency.


Reduced Need for Resources

Most companies simply do not have the time, resources, and personnel to conduct background checks. Outsourcing your background screening needs helps keep your costs low as simply keeping up-to-date on changes in the law can prove problematic.


Reduced Errors and Accurate Results

Since there are so many changes in the field, it can be hard to stay abreast of and remain within the ever-shifting confines of the law. Our specialists at PSI Background Screening are true experts in the field, with better resources and more experience in conducting these investigations, which ensures things are done right the first time.


Additional Services Provided

The other great thing about working with a professional background screening agency is that there is often a plethora of other services that we offer that can also benefit your business. For instance, we offer third-party employment verification services which free up more time on your end, as you will not have to respond directly to employer requests looking to verify employee work history. You can find a more comprehensive list of our various background screening services here.


Now that you know a bit more about the importance of pre-employment screening, you should consider outsourcing your future employment verification needs to a trusted company such as PSI Background Screening. Contact us today if you have any questions, or to get started now!

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