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Why Form I-9 Compliance Is Crucial for Your Business

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If you run a business, you have to follow all sorts of requirements when hiring and employing people. Naturally, you want to find people with the right skill sets and knowledge. You also need to find people who are permitted to work in this country. Federal regulations dictate that you fill out and submit a Form I-9 for every person you hire. Failure to do so could be detrimental to you and your livelihood. Here’s why form I-9 compliance is crucial for your business, protecting you from reputational damage, fines, and legal proceedings.

What Does I-9 Mean?

The official name for the I-9 is the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. The United States of America requires employers to use the I-9 Form to verify two big things: (1) the identity of the job applicant and (2) whether the job applicant is eligible to work in the USA.

Truthfully, it’s a shared effort. Employers and employees must satisfactorily complete the form. Afterward, the employer must retain records of the completed forms and have them ready for inspection if need be. That’s the law.

What might happen if you and your employee fail to comply? Short answer: nothing good.

A Passel of Penalties

First off, failure to complete and submit I-9 Forms can result in immediate penalties, such as fines that vary in amount. Whether measured in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, they apply to each violation. If you fail to provide I-9 documentation for 10 employees, each instance requires payment of a specific fine. Failure to provide I-9 Form documentation can also result in criminal charges brought against you and your company.

Additionally, failing to comply with I-9 Form requirements might lead to debarment. That means the loss of Federal contracts if you participate in any; losing those means losing money.

Covering Your Assets (and More!)

Maintaining I-9 Form compliance shouldn’t just be a priority to avoid punishment and reduce the risk of fines. It can streamline processes and procedures in different levels of your business. Your human resources department will appreciate having a structured approach to filling out and submitting I-9 Forms. It will keep things consistent, efficient, and error-free.

From a branding and reputational standpoint, maintaining I-9 Form compliance reflects well on your company or institution as well. Clients, government contacts, and future employees will appreciate a company that respects the law and maintains professional integrity.

Remaining Compliant

Form I-9 compliance is crucial for your business because it protects you from all sorts of risks, including fines, legal issues, and threats to your reputation. Ensuring your I-9 Form procedures and processes are compliant is a big investment in your business and your people. Make I-9 verification services a priority today!