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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Background Check Company

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Background Check Company

A background check protects a business from many potential risks, whether big or small. If you are an employer, you need to perform a background check before making a hiring decision. Ensure that you are making the right decision and that the person going through the interview and hiring process is the right match.

Hiring the right person can be challenging because of the many applicants, their different personalities, and their diverse backgrounds. Screening is a crucial step that can provide clarity and answers throughout the hiring process and define the future of an applicant’s time with your business.

There are different types of tests that you can choose from depending on the needs of your business, and professional help is always available to help and guide you. Read on to discover five reasons why you should hire a background check company and get the right people to do the job.

Discover Any Criminal History

This is one of the top reasons businesses hire background check companies to look over prospects. The results flag any previous criminal history from the applicant so that you, as the employer, can make an informed decision when choosing to hire that person.

A criminal background tells you if a particular person has done something illegal in the past, which could prevent them from performing as expected at the job. Some employers use the information discovered through the background check to begin an open line of communication with the applicant. It is up to you to decide if whatever that person has on a record could affect you and your business.

The results will show the county, state, and federal records so that you don’t miss any information or details. You can request records as far back as you need, although records over seven years old may not reflect the current applicant. If nothing new is on the record, that is a good sign.

Determine Job Competence

Background checks disclose specific information about the applicant so that you can know everything you need to. Sometimes applicants forget or opt not to write about key details from the past; a background check can provide all the legal information and records you’re looking for.

Although many people think criminal history is the only thing employers gather during a background check, this isn’t the case. The results can show previous job history, rental history, and any extracurricular activities that a person takes part in. You have the last decision on the hiring process and giving the applicant a chance. Understanding the complete picture of a potential hire can help you make that choice with confidence.

A new hire can increase the quality of the job if you choose the right person. A new employee should provide evidence of a good track record of longevity; this is a good sign when you are looking to hire someone for the long term.

Avoid Liabilities

A background check can save you from a variety of future problems. Knowing what you are getting into if you hire a new employee is necessary for the prosperity of your business. Professional background check companies ensure that the search meets every legal requirement and standard process.

Suppose one of your employees gets in an accident while driving a company vehicle under the influence and has past DUIs that you did not know about. You could be responsible for the damages because your name is on the company’s legal documents. Even without legal liability, the actions of your employees can have an impact on your company’s reputation. Understanding a new hire’s background can protect your staff’s safety and your brand.

Ensure Workplace Safety

People need jobs, and sometimes they will do everything they can to get one, including omitting crucial details about them. Hiring the wrong person with a façade of good intentions will compromise your workplace’s safety. As an employer, when you bring on a new hire, you are responsible for making a choice that keeps the rest of your team safe and comfortable.

An identity search is another essential part of the background search. Ensure that the person you are about to hire is who that person claims to be. For tax purposes, safety, and more, you need to ensure that information a candidate gives you is correct.

One of the reasons you should hire a background check company is to keep everyone safe. A professionally performed background check will tell you everything about a person; sometimes, a person changes, but someone’s past can also dictate that person’s future. Searching through someone’s incidents and notable history can show you which direction a person is heading or what they could fall into again.

Confirm Education and Licenses

The most commonly found discrepancies occur around the criminal background, previous employment history, and education. A candidate’s resume or curriculum vitae is sometimes very long, and whether intentionally or accidentally, the dates are not always exact. There is information that the prospect can provide to prove what they’re stating in the application, like past paystubs, bank statements, or a letter from a previous employer.

Some professional companies will contact educational institutions to verify information like courses of study, degree programs, and professional licenses. These companies will often provide a transcript and educational records so that you know you’re hiring someone with applicable experience and training.

The Difference Working With a Background Check Company Makes

Making sure that the person you are hiring for the job is the most suitable, responsible, and safe choice is not an easy job. A web search is a low-quality alternative that you can perform independently, but the information available to you online is extremely limited. Some background checks might seem intense, but they are necessary for your company’s safety and development.

Hiring a background check company is the most efficient way to get all the information you need. A professional screening team helps you keep the hiring process moving while providing you with everything you need to know about a candidate’s history. Working with the experts empowers you to make a fully informed and confident hiring decision.

As an employer, you need to let the applicant know why you decided not to continue with the hiring process, especially if it’s due to the results found in the background check. The applicant can also dispute that decision with more information and request another opportunity. The bottom line is that you get to choose who you hire within the legal requirements. Reach out to our team at PSI for reputable background check services to help you determine which candidates are the best match for your business.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Background Check Company