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Save time and resources

Taking immunization and medical records tracking to a new level.

Virtual Access

When you make use of our immunization tracker, you are able to store, track and relay immunization data for organizations and individuals with a completely paperless, efficient system.

Customized Email Notifications

Choose what kind of alerts and reminders are best for you, including CPR certifications, health insurance or other time-sensitive updates. We’ll also notify you about important upcoming dates for vaccinations and shots when tracking medical records using our system.

Healthcare Compliant

Our immunization and medical history tracker provides you with a streamlined look at who in your organization has met their requirements, all while working within HIPAA and FERPA framework.

Intuitive Platform

Our system is built to be simple, compact, and most importantly, easy for you to navigate.

How It Works

Clients choose our immunization tracking system because of its intuitive and easy-to-use interface that stores, tracks, and relays information data for individuals and organizations.

We understand the sensitivities involved with HIPAA and FERPA, therefore you can trust that the data given to us is stored securely and confidentially. Our immunization and medical records tracking system uses layered firewalls and Secure Socket Layer encryption to keep security worries at bay. When you need HIPAA-compliant vaccine tracking, PSI is a great choice.

Best of all, clients can tailor immunization tracking system notifications and alerts around what works best for their organization. Our medical records tracking log allows users to receive email notifications about expiring certifications, health insurance alerts, or other time-sensitive updates. The medical records and immunization tracker can also notify applicants of upcoming annual shots and important vaccinations.

In addition to the benefits offered by the technology, PSI’s team will offer customer support for both the administrators and the users of our immunization and medical records tracking system. Our staff is trained to review the information provided by the users to ensure it meets the client’s specific requirements. They also provide customer service for any questions the users may have and ongoing support for any updates that the users need to make to their information. The users are able to reach out to our team electronically and by phone for assistance with submitting their information.

Interested in discovering more about our immunization tracking system? Don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to assist you with medical tracking or anything else you require. Learn more about background check medical records when you reach out today.

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