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We work with businesses of every classification, but here are some of our specialties.

Healthcare (Hospitals, Clinics)

PSI has developed a package specifically for our healthcare clients including complimentary sanction searches, like the Health and Human Services/Office of Inspector General search, and the GSA Exclusions List search. Further, our proprietary technology allows for integration with any preferred Applicant Tracking System. We work with a large variety of healthcare facilities from hospitals to home health clinics, and our healthcare package can be customized to fit the exact needs of your organization. PSI is also approved by the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) for providing clinical student background screenings.

Learn more about our background check services for the healthcare industry.

Churches & Religious Organizations

We understand the need to ensure the safety of your congregation through preventative measures like background checks and annual screenings. PSI can assist provide your organization with comprehensive screening solutions for staff members, pastors, and volunteers without breaking the bank. Through Darkness 2 Light, PSI can also offer facilitation of the Stewards of Children Training, which is an adult-focused program that helps organization members to prevent, recognize, and react to instances of child sexual abuse.

Learn more about our background check services for religious organizations.

Colleges & Universities

Whether it’s background screenings for students attending clinical rotations or pre-employment screenings for faculty and staff, PSI has colleges and universities covered. Our easy to use applicant submission process allows individuals to submit required information, and even payment when applicable, for background and drug screening services in 3 simple steps. Additionally, we offer Immunization and Medical Record Tracking for students seeking healthcare clinical rotations. PSI is approved by the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) for providing clinical student background screenings.

Learn more about our background check services for colleges and universities.

City, County, & State Governments

PSI offers a large variety of background screening services from criminal history checks to education verification and employment references. Over our 20 years, we have worked with multiple municipalities, some long established and some even from their inception! Whether you are screening the new city manager, your new administrative staff or running annual background checks, you can feel confident relying upon our screening services and exceptional customer service. We have years of experience with handling background checks for even the highest positions in municipalities and handling those checks with the extra speed required as any additional confidentiality requirements for those specific situations. PSI can customize a variety of packages to meet your specific hiring needs.

Learn more about our background check services for city, county, and state governments.

Non-profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations, we understand the need to balance accurate and comprehensive background reports within the annual budget. We can work with your organization to customize a package that meets your specific needs without paying for more than you need. We also offer a discount for all non-profit organizations- large or small!

Learn more about our background check services for non-profit organizations.

Law Enforcement & First Responders

We have years of experience helping law enforcement agencies and first responders with screening incoming employees, pre-service applicants, and even clinical students for EMS and Paramedic facilities. PSI can provide traditional background screening services, but we also offer recommended searches like professional license and certification search, POST certification (provided complimentary!), employment, social, and neighbor reference checks, and education verification.

Retail Stores

In the retail business, your employees can make or break you. They are the face of your company when it comes to customer relations, and they also have a direct line to your finances. PSI can assist with pre-employment screenings throughout the year, and with an average turnaround time of 3 business days or less, we can also handle any seasonal hiring volume you may experience.

Tenant Screenings

We provide leasing and rental companies with compliant, accurate, and timely background screening services. We offer a wide variety of screening services including criminal history, credit reports, and reference checks. Our tenant screening package is designed for a fast turnaround time, but we don’t believe in relying solely on instant database searches. Our clients can feel confident making a decision based on the reports we provide. Our quality control process enables us to maintain a low dispute rate at less than 1%, but when disputes happen, PSI works directly with your applicant to quickly resolve any discrepancies.

Learn more about our background check services for tenants.

Executive Screenings

Negligent hires don’t just happen with entry level employees. The higher the position, the more damaging a bad hire can be, often resulting in a public relations nightmare for the company that made the wrong choice. Our executive screening package is our most robust, covering criminal history, civil history, education and employment verification, reference checks, industry specific sanction searches, media search, and more.

Volunteer Screenings

Ensuring safety across your organization means creating and maintaining a background screening program that is all-inclusive, consistent, and thorough. If volunteers have the same access to customers, clients, patients, or even if they work alongside your staff daily, then the background screening level should be equivalent to your direct hires. We always recommend our standard criminal history package as a base line, even for volunteers, as it offers a due diligence screening without breaking the bank.

Learn more about our background check services for volunteers.

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