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We specialize in robust pre- and post-employment screening services that are reliable, accurate and secure.

At PSI, we do more than just background checks.

Founded in 1998 by Gregory E. Sumner, Ph.D., we have grown to be a leader in drug screening, I-9 and employment verification, employer and creditor reference checks, education verification, immunization tracking, medical certification verification, health insurance notifications, and data storage – all consolidated under one roof for the highest level of efficiency.

Quality control is instilled throughout all of our background investigations, using both proprietary software and our dedicated team of experts who specialize in quality assurance. PSI’s team is available at every phase, offering one on one support and complete transparency during the investigation.

We take the investigation process very seriously, fully understanding the weight and sensitivity of the data we handle, distribute and house.

Our Partnership Promise

We believe in strong partnerships, built on these principles.

An integrated team solution for your pre-employment process

We believe in working as your pre-employment screening partner, so you will get to know our staff members by name. We don’t believe in phone kiosks and we don’t believe in outsourcing customer service.

Service in the best interest of clients 
and in compliance with all laws

We have staff members holding Advanced FCRA Certification who are ready to assist with your compliance questions. Our HR helpdesk also provides state and federal guidance related to employment background screening and more.

Highest level of integrity possible

We have been entrusted by notable companies worldwide to handle and house secure data, and that trust is not something we take lightly. At the heart of our company, we operate on the principles of Professionalism, Service, and Integrity.

Most responsible pricing in the industry

We understand the significant role that background screening plays for your company. We will work with you to keep cost down while ensuring that your screening program meets or exceeds due diligence.

Fast and efficient results

We understand how time sensitive the hiring process can be, and we strive to provide the fastest turnaround time in our industry. We average a turnaround time of 3 business days or less based on services requested.

Statistical reports with secure online

Our statistical reports provide a wide range of data relevant to your screening program, including the total number of background reports, average turnaround time, a break down of searches conducted, the total number of misdemeanors and felonies reported, and much more. The report can be generated for any specified time frame and is also delivered to you via email monthly.

Expert witness testimony

In the unlikely event of litigation, PSI will provide expert witness testimony to substantiate our services.

Need something more?

We offer a wide variety of other custom history searches and services such as Background ScreeningI-9 & E-Verify Compliance, Third-Party Employment Verification, and Immunization & Medical Record Tracking.

We have a plan to fit your business.

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