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Retail Background Checks

At PSI, we understand how vital employees are in retail, but with that comes difficult decisions regarding who and who not to hire. The people working for your company can make or break your reputation. Conducting retail background checks is one of the most important ways to choose the appropriate workers for your retail store. PSI is proud to serve the retail industry with our PBSA-accredited retail store background check services.


Why Background Checks Are Important in Retail

Retail workers should always have a background check before hire for several reasons. But what is a standard retail background check? First, you want to ensure your employees are reliable and trustworthy. Depending on the retail position, some workers such as cashiers have direct access to company cash. You wouldn’t want someone with a history of theft working your cash registers, and you wouldn’t know their history without a retail background check. Finally, hiring the wrong people can cost your company more money in the long run, so it is best that you take the time to research your candidates. Of course, we recognize you have a company to run, so let us handle the background checks for you.


Why PSI?

With innovative proprietary technology, PSI is one of the leading background screening companies for a variety of industries, including retail. Our experienced staff takes each and every background check for retail jobs seriously to help our customers hire the best candidate. We understand that some retail companies need to hire people and hire them fast, so our team will do everything in their power to expedite the background check process without sacrificing quality and accuracy. PSI is also a PBSA-accredited organization, which means we provide high-quality services that are formally recognized. By having this accreditation—along with our proprietary technology—retail companies can rest assured they’re receiving the most thorough background check available.


If you require retail background screening, PSI is the provider for you. Our innovative technology, expansive database, and expertise will take all the guesswork out of background checks. If you have any questions or would like to purchase our services, give our sales team a call today. We look forward to working with you.

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