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Background Checks for Churches and Religious Organizations

At PSI Background Screening, we have an extensive history providing background checks for religious organizations, including churches, and extending from employees to volunteers.

We are an accredited organization that provides background checks for churches and other religious organizations. It is important to thoroughly screen the background of the individuals you hire to work or volunteer in a church, ministry, or other religious organizations. Church volunteer background checks for religious organizations are exceedingly important since they work very closely with vulnerable members of the population, such as children or the elderly. As a result, many religious organizations would do well to conduct church background checks for every worker and volunteer.

You should conduct the same background checks you might perform on an individual in childcare as on church volunteers or employees. This will help protect those that cannot help themselves, and it will help protect the reputation of your religious establishment—it’s well worth the investment.

Customize Your Religious Organization and Church Background Checks

Our PBSA accreditation displays our commitment to quality and thorough background checks. Having an accredited background screening service handle your religious organization’s background checks will display your commitment to hiring quality talent. Below we break down the ministry background check services we offer into different categories. You can combine these to create a custom-tailored package that suits your needs.

Criminal Background Checks

  • This can entail any or all of the following:
  • Sex offender registry checks
  • Multi-jurisdictional criminal database checks
  • County and/or state criminal background checks
  • Federal criminal background checks
  • Terrorist watch list checks

Church Worker’s Background Verification

There are several background verification checks that you can run, including:

  • Past employment verification checks
  • Educational attainment verification checks
  • Reference checks

Additional Background Verification Services

There are numerous additional checks you may want to run based on risk or position. These include:

  • Driving history for individuals hired for positions that require vehicle travel
  • Credit and financial history reports for those in positions involving finances
  • Drug testing for sensitive positions that put your organization at risk

Whether you require church background checks for workers, volunteers, or for newcomers, PSI Background Screening can provide the services you need to protect your organization and those in your community that rely on the aid you provide. Let us customize a church background screening package to suit your specific needs.

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