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Why Verifying a Candidate’s Employment History Is Important

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Why Verifying a Candidate’s Employment History Is Important

As a business owner or manager, you must provide your company with the best candidates to ensure a good customer experience and positive in-house development. Certain information is relevant depending on the type of business you run, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision about who gets to be part of the team. Verifying a candidate’s employment history is important for many different reasons.

Relevant Experience

Learning if a prospect’s experience is relevant to the job opening is essential. This will help you figure out if they can fit into your company. Checking employment history will provide proof of eligibility and avoid any possible problems from someone failing to mention important details on the job application. Depending on the position, this will determine if the application goes through.

Reason for Termination

One of the main reasons to verify a candidate’s employment history is to learn and understand why that person was let go from another company or why they decided to leave. Whether for school or maternity leave, you can find this information from the candidate on the application. People sometimes prefer not to mention specific details to avoid issues, but it is important to know regardless.

Work Performance

Company owners and managers have access to employee records where they can make relevant comments for future references. Accessing this information is crucial for an informed decision based on key details that may or may not jeopardize an application. A company with reputable background check services will access this data and disclose every detail found on the records.

False Titles

Some candidates look for a higher income by elevating a title and pretending to have the necessary skills to fulfill it. A candidate’s employment history is important to help you access detailed information on dates of a job, titles, and work duties. This knowledge prevents someone from taking advantage of data you don’t know and aiming higher without the necessary preparation.

Increased Competency

The right candidate for a job will bring the necessary skills and experience that allow your company to compete in its target market. A simple employment history check will be enough for entry-level positions where the candidate will learn how a company works. For high-level positions inside a company, you need a more detailed report to ensure the company’s performance will excel.