Background Checks for Volunteers

Using volunteers in your organization is a great way to get passionate individuals to donate their time to something greater than themselves. In fact, when people believe in your organization’s mission, people will line up to volunteer. Though, for-profit companies aren’t the only ones who work with volunteers. People often volunteer at non-profit organizations, nursing homes, food pantries, churches, and more.

While having volunteers is a great way to find additional help, there are some risks involved. When you allow someone to help around your facility or with your customers or attendants who is not on your payroll, you must ensure they meet your organization’s standards. Our volunteer background check services are a great way to accomplish this.

The Importance of Requiring Volunteer Background Checks

Every volunteer should be treated as if they’re staff. There are several reasons for this. The first is to ensure volunteers uphold your organization’s values. If a volunteer doesn’t align with your values, the chances of them performing well and with integrity are unlikely.

The second reason you should treat volunteers like staff members is that they directly represent your organization. In some cases, volunteers may interact with high-risk individuals, such as seniors or people with special needs. These individuals deserve to know the volunteer spending time with them doesn’t have a questionable background, such as a criminal record. Our background checks for volunteers are comprehensive to ensure you get the answers you need before taking on a new volunteer’s help.

Why PSI Background Screening?

We are proud to be a PBSA-accredited professional background check company. We offer premium and accurate background checks for volunteer work to help organizations hire better employees, managers, executives, and volunteers. If you have any questions about our volunteer background checks, please contact our team. We are always happy to help you however we can.

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