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How Do Background Checks Vary by Industry?

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How Do Background Checks Vary by Industry?

How do background checks vary by industry? Almost every industry values background. Just about every employer is curious about a candidate’s employment or educational background, for instance. But not every background check is a necessity for every job. That’s good, because background checks aren’t inexpensive, and receiving a bunch of irrelevant information is a waste of time and effort for all concerned. Here’s a quick survey of what some industries are looking for with a few examples.

Healthcare Industry

A variety of individuals populate the healthcare industry, from hospital orderlies to surgeons to physician’s assistants to so many others. Education and licensing confirmation are important when it comes to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners, but perhaps not as important for hospital workers who deal with food preparation, laundry, and more. Still, every employee at a healthcare facility has their background checked for evidence of criminal activity such as fraud and drug use. Clinics, hospitals LTC facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and others need to know their patients are safe.

Transportation Industry

Only sober and responsible individuals should operate trains, planes, and automobiles…not to mention trucks and other vehicles used by the transportation industry. Employers in the transportation field are liable for damage caused by irresponsible vehicle operators. Therefore, job candidates have their backgrounds checked for moving violations, revoked or suspended driver’s licenses, accidents, DUIs, and the like. The United States Department of Transportation requires background checks from any industry that uses commercial drivers to ensure the public’s safety.

The Financial Industry

Banking, lending, stockbroking—any industry that handles large amounts of money and clients’ personal information will take a long hard look to see if a job candidate has a criminal background. Having a past that involved a little youthful shoplifting or the like probably won’t prevent a candidate from being hired. However, convictions or ongoing proceedings involving fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft may be dealbreakers. Likewise, being in severe debt or bankruptcy can sour an employer on hiring someone to handle cash and other financial matters.

The Educational Field

Once again, employers are very interested in the employment background of a teacher or other educational professional. They need to know where they’ve worked before and whether they have diplomas, degrees, and other applicable credentials for their position. Schools and universities will also investigate to determine whether the candidate has a criminal record or is registered on a sex offender database to protect students and other faculty members.

So, how do background checks vary by industry? The above is a brief review of different industries’ standards and approaches. Contact us for a consultation today if you need more information regarding background investigation services!