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Why Background Checks For Retail Employees Are A Necessity

PSI Team | Uncategorized

Have you thought of using a background check service as part of the screening process when you hire new employees for your retail chain?

Perhaps it’s an automatic necessity for some managers; many employers don’t make a single hire without a background check. For others, background screening checks are an afterthought, or just another seemingly insignificant hoop to jump through during the hiring process.

However, background screening services are popular with more than 96 percent of employers recently surveyed by, all of whom state that their companies use at least one type of background screening when conducting a hire. Furthermore, about 95 percent of prospective employees have been found to falsify something in their job applications at one time or another. Read on to find out why a background check service can especially be of use to you, if you’re hiring for positions in the retail industry.

Your Employees Will Deal With Money

Whether you are hiring a retail manager or a cashier, you are essentially entrusting new employees to handle your money. You are giving them access to the money entrusted to you by your customers by way of sales. It makes perfect sense to conduct a professional background check to ensure that the person handling your money is trustworthy.

It may be true that some people change, grow up, or become more responsible. But if you find out during a third party employment verification service that your prospective employee didn’t work where they listed on their application, or that they were fired due to financial mismanagement, you are taking a major risk by taking that individual on board. A simple background check can verify that the person you hope to hire is ethically sound, suitable for the position, and thus able to handle your hard-earned dollars.

Your Employees Will Deal With People

There is nothing quite like hiring a customer service representative or an in-store helper that is not a “people person.” Worse yet, if you choose to forego the benefits of a background check service, you might hire someone who is a danger to your customers. 

When you hire an employee who has to interact with your customers, you are responsible for how that person conducts themselves around the people who shop at your store. Your customers are trusting you to hire people who will not disrespect, harm, or assault them in any way.

A person who is desperate for a job may state on their application that they are indeed a sociable person who deals well with others. However, a 2015 Careerbuilder survey revealed that employers could verify that 62 percent of their employees embellished their skill set or characteristics in order to get the job. When dealing with your customers, there is no room for error. they are your bread and butter. By using an employment screening service, like PSI Background Screening, you are saving your retail business from the risk of sabotage by way of a disrespectful or downright dangerous employee.

Do You Use A Background Check Service?

As an owner of a successful retail chain, do you use a background screening service? How about other employment verifications services like immunization trackers or electronic I-9/E-Verify? Share your strategies for employment screening in the comments below. If you want to make your hiring process more secure, contact us today to learn more about our professional background check services.