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The Correct Steps When Hiring a New Employee

PSI Team | Uncategorized

In life, things will come and go. That statement is extremely true when it comes to employees, jobs, and positions. As a company changes sizes, they may find themselves scrambling to hire enough people to support the growing workload. Unfortunately, it is very easy to accidentally hire a few bad eggs when seeking a new employee. Having a bad employee on your team can not only mess up your company morale, but it can also end up costing you money in the long run. That is why it is so important to follow the correct steps when hiring someone new to join your business.

Application Process

Finding the right employee starts with the application process. You want to make sure you advertise the position in places that network to the kind of people that you want to hire. You also want to ensure that anyone applying for the position knows exactly what the requirements you have for the position are. The more thorough you can be about the job opening, the better.

Background Checks

Having a professional background check done on all of your employees is crucial in the hiring process. It was revealed in a study that 54% of applications contained inaccuracies about such things as educational background and previous employment. It is very easy to lie on a piece of paper, and many people do not think they will ever get caught. That is why you should hire a professional background screening company. A professional background screening company will check out every potential employee thoroughly and accurately to make sure they are being honest about their past.

Other Employment Screening Services

For many companies, employers have to dig even deeper when checking out new employees. Some need a medical records tracker, immunizations tracker, as well as other third party employment verification services. It is said that drug and alcohol abusers are involved in around 20-25% of workplace accidents, which is why we have seen an increase in employers who are using pre-employment drug testing. They are also around three times more likely to report to work late and five times more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim.

Taking the correct precautions and hiring a professional background screening company can save you so much money, time, and headaches in the long run. A professional screening company like PSI can compile multiple pre-employment screening services in a simplified system to ensure an accurate and consistent hiring process. They will alert you of any red flags, so that you can get the best employees possible. Hiring new people to join your team can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these steps and you will have a workplace full of great employees in no time.