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The Benefits of Using E-Verify

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The Benefits of Using E-Verify

When bringing in new employees, businesses must complete and submit the I-9 form. This is a requirement by the federal government for all employers, no matter their industry or company size. However, some businesses take this process a step further by utilizing the online E-Verify system. The E-Verify process compares an employee’s I-9 information with databases in the Social Security Administrations and the Department of Homeland Security. E-Verify isn’t a requirement for most employers, but many companies still take advantage of the many perks it has to offer. How can E-Verify improve your onboarding process? Learn more with this list of the benefits of using E-Verify for your business.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Efficiency is critical to any company’s success. Streamlining your onboarding process allows you to turn new hires into productive experts as quickly as possible. As an online system, E-Verify operates quickly and accurately, giving you the information you need in a timely manner. E-Verify has the ability to sort through millions of government records and deliver results quickly. In addition to the fast turnaround time, one of the benefits of using E-Verify is the extra layer of accuracy it provides. By double-checking the information in the I-9, E-Verify allows your company to quickly and confidently move forward with the onboarding process.

Compliance and Peace of Mind

The I-9 exists to prevent employers from knowingly or unknowingly hiring individuals who are unauthorized to work in the United States. E-Verify compliance is a way to double down on these efforts and ensure your company is following these rules. If you have unauthorized employees on your payroll, your company might face lawsuits, fines, and other serious consequences. By using the E-Verify process, you can catch unauthorized employees before you fully train and implement them into your company. Furthermore, using E-Verify provides your company with a rebuttable presumption of compliance. If you do get caught with an unauthorized worker on your payroll, your use of E-Verify can act as proof that you were unaware of the mistake. This will prevent the courts from charging you with a knowing violation of the law.