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How To Choose a Background Check Company

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A successful business needs successful employees, which means your hiring process needs to be the best it can possibly be. One way to ensure you hire qualified candidates who are a great fit for your company is to work with a professional background check company. Background screenings help you make informed decisions about every new hire. When you can choose your employees with confidence, you build a productive, reliable, and successful team that takes your business to new heights.

That’s why you need a background check company you can trust. Before you choose who to outsource your screening process to, make sure you know what you’re looking for. The hiring process is crucial to your business’s success, and you deserve only the best hiring partners in the industry. Learn how to choose a background check company that delivers the results you need with these expert tips.

The Importance of a Background Check Company

Before you start looking for the right screening company, you should understand the importance of outsourcing your background checks to a professional. While performing in-house background screenings might save you money, it takes a lot of time and resources to get the process right. Professional background check companies have the connections and data systems to gather the information you need quickly and reliably. Conducting your own background check might include contacting multiple judicial offices or even personally traveling to courthouses to access the documents you need.

You should also think about legal compliancy. The background screening process is sensitive. If you don’t do it correctly, you can face lawsuits for negligent hiring, discrimination, and more. Third-party screening companies have the experience and training to navigate the background check process and avoid legal hang-ups and other issues.

Reliable Compliance

Speaking of legal hang-ups, one of the most vital things to look for in a background check company is their accreditation and compliance policies. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance is a must-have for any background check process. If the company you use doesn’t follow FCRA guidelines, you could face some serious legal backlash. Ideally, the company you choose should also have accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

These certifications ensure that the company follows crucial rules and regulations regarding the screening process, including obtaining candidate consent and following all federal, state, and local guidelines. In addition to staying compliant throughout their processes, a good background check company will help you obey these guidelines on your side, including during adverse action decisions.

Secure Employee Data and Records

Security makes up a huge part of compliance. The information you gather during a background check is sensitive, which means your company must protect it and the employees it pertains to. These days, most companies contain and handle background checks digitally. This means you need a secure data system to keep these records safe. Multi-layered security measures are key to ensuring your employees’ information stays safe from unauthorized individuals. Mishandling employee records can bring serious consequences to your company. Avoid the risk entirely by choosing a background check company with a reliable data storage system.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Background check companies walk a line between accuracy and efficiency. Both traits are necessary during your hiring process. You don’t want to leave your candidates waiting forever, but you also don’t want to deal with inaccurate information. Make sure you use a background check company that can deliver reliable results within a timeline that meets your needs. Once again, this is a great reason to outsource your screening process to professionals. With tried and tested databases and connections, background check companies will gather the information you need much faster than a less experienced individual. These established, streamlined processes also make it easier to catch mistakes like clerical errors or missing information.

Thorough and Custom Screening Plans

Not all background checks are the same. When figuring out how to choose a background check company, make sure you choose a provider that suits your specific needs and industry. Explore the company’s packages and whether they offer custom plans. If you find the services you need within a standard background check plan, this won’t be as much of an issue. However, some companies and industries require more specific services, such as credit reports for financial roles or driving records for transportation jobs. You should also make sure the company can follow any specific guidelines your industry needs. Ideally, the background check company you use should have experience serving businesses in your industry. This will help guarantee that the company has an effective screening plan for your unique needs.

Intuitive and Accessible System

Background checks pull a lot of information, but a good screening company can help you keep track of everything. As mentioned above, much of the background screening process takes place online and in digital form. You should be able to access the data and records you receive in an easy-to-use program. This helps you avoid disorganization or long waits to see your files. Instead, you can reach everything you need quickly and efficiently through intuitive interfaces. The best background check companies will have a data program that offers easy accessibility for authorized users and impeccable security for everyone else attempting to access these files.

Helpful and Friendly Customer Support

You want a background check company that offers quality support when you need it. After all, background checks are a service that you pay for. Friendly and reliable customer service helps you get more for your money. From answering questions to troubleshooting issues, you need a team that is responsive, knowledgeable, and able to help you navigate your specific situation. You should come back from every interaction feeling confident and satisfied with the outcome. When you can trust the team that works with you, you can trust the results they deliver.

If you’re looking for a reliable background check company to improve your hiring process, look no further. At PSI Background Screening, we strive to achieve professionalism, service, and integrity in every step of our processes. This is why we stand out among background investigation services. Learn more about how we can benefit your company by exploring our services today.

How To Choose a Background Check Company