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Common Misconceptions About Workplace Drug Testing

PSI Team | Uncategorized

The spread of inaccurate information often occurs because people lack knowledge about a certain topic. For example, drug testing is a common practice for many businesses to ensure the safety and development of their employees. However, many people misunderstand workplace drug tests.

These common misconceptions about workplace drug testing will help you better understand the reasons behind these practices and why they’re so important. Most industries rely heavily on their personnel and employees; they must ensure that employees follow certain guidelines to obtain better results.

Testing Is Expensive

Workplace drug testing is the best way to learn if an employee uses dangerous substances, even legal ones. The process of testing for drugs is not expensive; different processes will give accurate results, depending on each business’s goals. Tests can be as low as $25 per employee and could increase to $80 depending on the state and drug reach.

It’s a Long Process

There are three main tests that businesses rely on to obtain legal and safe results; these are urine, saliva, and hair testing. Each one of these methods has different wait times, but most results typically report within 2 business days of the specimen being submitted. The process of getting samples is very quick; it takes only around 5 to 10 minutes.

Puts Employees at Risk

Rather than putting employees at risk, the process of testing for drugs in a workplace provides a positive solution to ensure everyone’s safety and the clean development of an organization. The various methods are simple and noninvasive, relying on simple-to-use tools.

Companies that work with essential services or government agencies that deal with cybersecurity require a NERC background check to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the business. Doing drug tests on employees at reliable companies is essential for business growth.

Damages a Business’s Reputation

A common misconception about workplace drug testing is that if an employee tests positive for illegal substances, this could impact the reputation and development of a company. But drug testing is private; the results are only available to authorized personnel electronically and with restricted access. The best way to keep a business thriving is by ensuring that employees follow safety guidelines and regulations.