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Why Repeat Background Checks Are Common

PSI Team | Uncategorized

The main purpose for background checks has been the same for many years. Every company wants to know who they are hiring so they can make the best decisions possible. A background check is one of the best methods to learn more about potential employees. By screening people, a company can protect itself from bad situations and can avoid future problems. However, background checks are only useful before an individual becomes employed.

After completing a check, an employee may do any number of things that can hurt a company or other employees. This is why repeat background checks are common; by repeating a background check, companies can keep up to date on all their employees. A professional background check takes money and resources to complete, which means it shouldn’t happen all the time. It is better to use them occasionally and only do so when something major is happening with an employee.


Before giving anyone a promotion, it is a good idea to run another background check to make sure that nothing has changed. Giving an employee more responsibility is a big deal, and a company should check to make sure that the employee is still in good standing for a promotion.

Working With Kids

Children are very vulnerable, and it is the duty of any company that works with kids to check that their employees pass a background check before they interact with minors. New laws and regulations are starting to require more frequent background checks for anyone working near children. It is very important to check everyone’s history to increase the safety of the kids and the security of the company.

Every Few Years

It is a good idea to schedule background checks every few years to keep up to date on all your workers. This can help alert the company to any problems before they become real issues. Everyone in the company should go through the screening process at least once every five years to help make the work environment as safe as possible.

These are the major reasons why repeat background checks are common and when you should use them. There is no real harm to scheduling background checks more frequently than in the cases stated above. Just know that repeat background checks are a good idea that can help a company and work environment greatly.