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Why Is Drug Testing Important for Employers?

PSI Team | Uncategorized

Drugs cause severe problems in many aspects of the users’ lives. Some of the most substantial consequences occur in the workplace. Employees who suffer from drug use and addiction can negatively affect workplace safety, productivity, and overall success. This is why drug testing is important for employers. Learn about why drug tests should be a part of your background screening process with this guide.

Turnover Rate

You want every employee you hire to be a good fit for the job, their team, and your overall company. When you perform drug tests during the hiring process, you can make better-informed decisions about who does and doesn’t meet these requirements. The lack of a drug test might mean you hire employees who turn out to cause problems for you and your company. You can reduce your turnover rate and eliminate the need to replace such employees by including a drug test in the hiring process.

Workplace Safety

Safety is one of the most obvious yet crucial reasons why drug testing is important for employers. Drug use impairs judgement, reaction times, motor skills, and other basic skills workers use every day. If your employees are working under the influence of illicit substances, they pose a risk to themselves and to their coworkers. This is particularly true in roles that require physical labor, such as construction or warehouse jobs. If a job is customer-facing, intoxicated employees also pose a serious risk to your customers.


Healthy, sober employees are far more likely to meet their job expectations. They’re also more likely to exceed those same expectations and do more for you and your company. On the other hand, employees who are dealing with substance abuse are probably going to be less productive, costing your business money as their performance and numbers go down. To keep a productive, effective workplace, you want to hire employees who will show up and do their best every single day.

PSI Background Screening wants to help you make your company the best it can be. By incorporating drug tests in your background screening services, you can make the best hiring decisions and build a team your business can be proud of.