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Why Background Checks Are Important for NPOs

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Why Background Checks Are Important for NPOs

Every non-profit organization has the mission to help the community. The main goal of the business is to help those in need. That is only the start of why it is so important for an NPO to be extremely careful. The decisions of an NPO can affect a lot of lives; even something as simple as a new hire can have a vast impact. That is why background checks are important for NPOs.

Protect the Business

One of the major reasons why background checks are important for NPOs is that they help protect the business. NPOs rely on their reputation within their own community. This reputation comes from the trust that the NPO builds over time. However, that trust can break in a moment from just one employee. Background checks help weed out potential bad employees and protect the business from reputation-damaging incidents.

Protect Clients

Along that same line, NPOs are usually in a place of some influence and help potentially vulnerable people. As an NPO, you do not want to have an employee who could hurt a client in any way. That is where background checks come into play. Checking a potential employee’s history to make sure they haven’t hurt people in the past is crucial to the longevity and trustworthiness of your organization.


NPOs, by their nature, need a lot of funding from donations and the government. Although it is not true of all funding, some funding does require that you perform background checks to be eligible. Along with that, donations come from the community, and protecting your reputation through background checks protects your funding.

Get the Best Staff

Just as it is with all companies that run background checks, one of the reasons that background checks are so useful is that they filter through potential hires to find the best people for the job. By using both their resumé and background check, you are able to find the best candidates to hire.

These are the reasons why an NPO should use background investigation services. Protecting the business and the community is the goal of any NPO, and conducting background checks can help accomplish that.