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What Most Retail Background Checks Search For

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What Most Retail Background Checks Search For

Job applications vary depending on the type of role a company needs. Some are more detailed and others less so. Understanding what types of information industries focus on can help you decide which path to take to achieve your goals.

Industries like retail and restaurants use background checks to hire the right people for the job. Knowing what most retail background checks search for will give you valuable information you can apply to the application process.

Criminal Background

Every company needs to know whether potential employees have committed crimes. Criminal background checks include felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions that could jeopardize your application. Some criminal records tend to decrease in importance after seven years if there have been no further infractions.

Sex Offender Registry

These records include abuse or exploitation of minors, inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor, and sexual assault. This is one of the most detailed records a person could have and is one of the main reasons not to get an offer letter for a job. Most companies will not want to have ties with someone who has had inappropriate behavior that could make other workers uncomfortable.

Work History

A person’s work history indicates development, years of experience, and reasons for leaving another job. Professional background check services contain detailed information that reveals an individual’s process with a company and relevant comments. Researching work history is the quickest way to learn if a candidate is a good option and avoid future problems, which is why companies use these results.

Drug Screening

Drug screenings are necessary during many application processes. These results come from blood or urine tests that are part of the screening process for a candidate. A positive test for certain substances like opioids, amphetamines, and cannabis will negatively affect the application process, though it depends on the hiring manager.

Credit Reports

A person’s lifestyle is directly related to how well they develop and perform on the job. Credit reports show valuable information like rental history, payment problems, and missing deadlines. A retail background check search contains basic information different from industries like financing or government positions where they need to go into deep and precise details.