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What Is Third-Party Verification of Employment?

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What Is Third-Party Verification of Employment?

During the hiring process, companies often verify candidates’ past employment before they hire someone. This often requires a company to pour time and money into their human resources department as it contacts past workplaces of potential hires. On the flip side, it also costs the previous place of employment resources as it pulls up records and reports back. That’s why a lot of bigger corporations have started using third-party verification companies, which save money and quicken the process. But what is third-party verification of employment?

What Third-Party Verification Is

Simply put, third-party verification is outsourcing the verification process to a company that can quickly handle any verification requests. Different companies use different methods; for example, PSI Background Screening stores employment data off-site, and anyone with the proper authorization can access employment records through PSI’s secure storage.

How Verification Works

The third party collects and organizes all the data on a candidate’s past and current employment. Then, someone with the proper authority contacts the third-party company, which gives that person their log-in information and a code identifying the employee in question. They can then find the relevant data they need for employment verification.

Why Verification Is Important

Now, you may be wondering why companies go through the hassle of employment verification if it costs time and effort, but it’s the best way businesses can protect themselves from bad hires. The interview process is integral for hiring good employees, and employment verification helps companies be sure they’re hiring the right people.

Hopefully, this has answered the question of what third-party verification of employment is and any other basic questions you may have had about it. In short, most companies use third-party verification because of the money and time it saves. PSI Background Screening also offers additional services along with employment verification, including employment documentation storage and background screening services.