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What Industries Are Affected by NERC CIP Standards?

Sarah Long | Uncategorized

What Industries Are Affected by NERC CIP Standards?

The NERC CIP standards were put in place for the protection of the electrical supply across North America. These standards put regulations in place that keep these systems running and protect them from outside threats. Understanding what industries are affected by NERC CIP standards can help you know what guidelines apply to you.

Bulk Power System

In a broad sense, the NERC CIP standards directly target and protect the BPS or Bulk Power Systems. These systems include everything that creates, transfers, and stores power for large numbers of people. Anyone who uses or owns a part of this power grid is under the full or partial regulation of the NERC CIP.


For a less general view on what industries are affected by NERC CIP standards, it’s beneficial to understand that the system encompasses three major industries. The power industry includes people who create the energy that flows into the BPS or power grids. This includes places like dams or power plants that need constant protection to ensure millions of people have electricity.


Other than the producers of power, the NERC protects the infrastructure that helps store and transport power across the continent. From power lines to power stations, the NERC CIP has strict rules that help keep these places safe. Methods such as NERC CIP compliance requirements for background checks or physical and cyber protection on infrastructure keep North America’s BPS safe.


Outside the production and infrastructure that form the backbone of the BPS, the receivers are also an industry under NERC CIP standards. In comparison, there are very few regulations on the individuals or businesses receiving power. There are still a few standards receivers must follow as not to endanger the power grid.

These are the industries the NERC regulates and ensures the safety of, enabling everyone in the country to be safe. If you work in an industry that uses power from the BPS or are trying your own power source, you’ll likely be brought under the NERC CIP standards.