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What Are The Benefits Of Rescreening An Employee?

PSI Team | Uncategorized

background check serviceWhen employers think of screening their employees, they typically think of the hiring process. But it’s actually a good idea to rescreen your employees during their time of employment, too.

When an employer only screens for red flags before an employee comes on board, they’re left unaware of any crimes or loss of work authorization that may have occurred after the employee was hired.

Still not sure if rescreening is the right thing to do? Here are a few benefits of periodically rescreening your employees during their time with your company.

Rescreening increases safety and security

A healthy, periodic background screening program gives you the ability to identify potentially harmful individuals in your workplace. Thorough background checks can reduce instances of job fraud, drug use, negligence, theft, violence, and abuse.

These red flags can result in severe damage to your company’s brand reputation. They can also make your other employees feel unsafe working for your business. A professional background check service can make sure your employees are in compliance with your background screening program so everyone is safe and secure.

Rescreening reduces employee turnover rate

A high employee turnover rate can be costly for many reasons. The hiring process takes up time and resources, the training period takes time and resources, and it puts your company’s productivity behind schedule.

Rescreening your employees with a background check service lets you follow closely behind poor hires so you can avoid the lost time and costs of making bad hiring decisions. Rescreening information can be used to eliminate workers who have a history of negligent or violent behavior who may repeat that behavior while working for you.

Rescreening takes the pressure off your HR department

Your Human Resources department is not only in charge of hiring but is also in charge of ensuring your employees are compliant with company policies. A professional background check service can better mitigate compliance and litigation risks by performing criminal record searches, credit checks, and more.

This helps to take the pressure off your HR department while also avoiding discrimination claims and streamlining regulatory requirements for workers.

Looking for professional screening services?

According to a survey by, U.S. employers reported that 62% of falsifications that were found in employee screenings were embellished responsibilities and skill sets. Another 31% of falsifications were related to job title while 28% were related to academic degrees.

It’s important to make sure the skill sets of your employees match up with the job you hired them for. That’s where professional background checks come in.

PSI Background Check provides professional background screening services for both potential employees and current employees so your company stays safe and secure. To learn more about our background screening services or to schedule a screening, contact PSI Background Check today.