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Understanding E-Verify and Post-Employment Screening

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Understanding E-Verify and Post-Employment Screening

With all the different types of pre- and post-employment screenings, deciding which ones you need to include in your hiring process can be tricky. Understanding E-Verify is an important part of a successful hiring process. Read on to find out how the E-Verify process can benefit you and your company.

What is E-Verify Employment Verification?

E-Verify is a web-based system operated by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Employers use the program—which is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.—to confirm that their employees are eligible to work in the United States. The program serves as a supplement to Form I-9 and matches information provided by employees with the records from the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security. Not all states require E-Verify employment verification, but it’s a highly recommended portion of any employer’s post-employment screening process.

When is E-Verify Used?

Companies use the E-Verify process after a potential employee has accepted a job offer, typically around the same time he or she completes the Form I-9. They MUST submit this information within the first three days of employment. E-Verify is used only for employment eligibility verification; employers must adhere to strict E-Verify compliance measures in order to avoid penalties. E-Verify isn’t a replacement for Form I-9, and employers can’t use it as a background screening. Employers also can’t use E-Verify more than once during an employee’s time with the company.

What are the Benefits of E-Verify?

Understanding E-Verify can help save your company from potential fees, lawsuits, and other consequences. Because it’s illegal to knowingly hire or continuously employ workers who aren’t eligible to work in the United States, E-Verify is a safety net to help companies and businesses avoid violating these laws. E-Verify is currently the best way to electronically confirm the information on Form I-9 and further ensure your company’s workforce is completely authorized to work in the United States.