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Tips for Managing Your Church’s Volunteer Background Check

Sarah Long | Uncategorized

Tips for Managing Your Church’s Volunteer Background Check

Churches often organize different clubs, events, and activities for their parishioners, but providing these services requires care and a unique approach. Some of these programs may also be fundraising or charitable events for those in the community who are less fortunate.

Certain actions are necessary to ensure these events progress smoothly and that everyone who attends them feels safe and comfortable. These tips for managing your church’s volunteer background check will help assure you that everyone who works with your church is a reliable and trustworthy individual.

Keep the Proper Documentation

One of the benefits of performing background checks on volunteers is that it provides the church with legal protection in the event that something negative happens. Keeping documentation in the form of eligibility forms, social security numbers, and copies of personal ID will make it easier for the church to provide evidence in the event that they have to let a volunteer go.

Work With a Professional Background Check Company

Hiring a professional company to run background checks for you can save you time and money in the long run. They will take on the task of ensuring you have the right people working with you. Different companies provide specialized services that cater to specific groups and locations. A professional background search has many layers, and some companies will request specific information that is especially pertinent when bringing on church volunteers.

Request Reference Letters and Contact Information

In the same way that most jobs have an application process, churches will require volunteers to submit an application in order to join their volunteer program. To better manage your church’s volunteer background check, consider asking for additional information from each volunteer in the form of reference letters and contact information. This will help you verify someone’s identity and character. This also serves as backup data to verify that the information provided on the application matches the background check results.

Consider Conducting Additional Checks

To ensure that your church is working with the right people for different programs, you may need to gather additional information about candidates. For instance, you may need to look into their criminal history and review your local sex offender registry. Sometimes, people try to take advantage of certain situations, and it is best to have accurate information from a reliable source to ensure everyone in your church’s community remains safe.