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Tips for Finding Qualified Police Officers Faster

PSI Team | Uncategorized

When you are hiring a new officer, it’s vital that you hire only qualified individuals. However, finding and hiring qualified police officers isn’t easy, especially when they’re new to the job and don’t have previous experience. But there are some tricks and tips for finding qualified police officers faster that you can try out.

Use Your Employees

It’s challenging to find good applicants for any position. As such, you want a variety of applications that you can sort through to find the best. Try to tell your employees to recommend friends and family members that might suit the position. This will spread the news and offer a higher quality of applicants than other forms of advertisement.

Advertise To Potential Places of Interest

There are plenty of places that create great police officers, so try advertising at these locations. A local college with a criminal justice program is a good example, or you could look for law graduates as well. These places produce some of the best police officers.

Streamline Onboarding

You can lose a lot of potential employees during your hiring process if it takes too long. That is why you want to cut down your onboarding process. Limiting repeat interviews and performing fast background checks can save you a lot of time, and you’ll retain more applicants.

Efficient Verification

A huge move to speeding up your hiring process is to efficiently verify resume claims and employment records. Running these yourself can take a lot of time, but outsourcing to professional background search services can eliminate this lost time. These companies can perform education, reference, and prior POST certifications very quickly.

By following these tips for finding qualified police officers faster, you should be able to fill your open positions quicker and keep them for longer. Another thing you can try to do is partner with other agencies, like schools or precincts, to funnel potential hires to you.