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The Trouble With Mistaken Identity in Background Checks

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The Trouble With Mistaken Identity in Background Checks

The hiring process consists of various filters to check a candidate’s qualifications and ensure they are the best option for a position. However, this process could sometimes result in application forms with a false identity.

The trouble with mistaken identity in background checks is that it makes it harder for a business to hire new employees, which could have negative consequences like slow productivity and an employee shortage. The information provided by a candidate might seem sufficient with multiple checks, like criminal records and drug tests, but an identity background check is often necessary.

Hiring the Wrong Person

Mistaken identity involves a candidate using someone else’s name and information, like their social security number (SSN) and date of birth, to complete job applications. Businesses may encounter certain situations or details that can prevent them from knowing if a candidate is who they say they are.

A criminal background check will show important information, but an applicant could get a free pass if their name doesn’t provide any results. Hiring the wrong person may hurt a company, potentially giving it a bad reputation and forcing them to deal with inexperienced workers who will waste time and money.

Mismatched Information

A mistaken identity in a background check could result from a typo when inputting an SSN from the information in the candidate’s application. This could also happen with illegible documents, written mistakes, or supplying a nickname instead of a legal name.

An employment background check is essential to a business’s hiring process; the results will show discrepancies in information, if any, allowing the hiring company to take immediate action. Working with a reliable company will give access to all details to make the best-informed decision.

Company Problems

Hiring the wrong person or overlooking certain situations about a candidate’s past could negatively impact a business and put their secure information and reputation at risk. The problem with mistaken identity background checks is not going in-depth with the information provided to ensure everything is valid.

A mistaken identity could impact a business, the applicant, and the person whose identity was mistaken or stolen. An application is the tip of the iceberg; it could also lead to false bank accounts, loans, and credits. The best solution is to apply background checks covering identity and employment verifications to protect the integrity of your business.