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The Top 3 Industries That Require Background Check Services

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professional background checks
Lying on a resume is more common than you would think, and inquiring about someone’s past might not always get you a straight answer. These falsifications are often far from a small and harmless embellishment or white lie. It can be a complete stretch from the truth. After all, you never know the extent to which someone is willing to go to get a specific job. From covering up a criminal record to lying about their qualifications—dishonesty can be a massive headache for the employer and can get in the way of finding the right person for the role.

The hiring process shouldn’t be this much of a hassle. This is why background check services can help you as an employer, by weeding out the less compatible candidates from the bunch. Continue reading to learn about the top industries that can benefit from background check services.


Whether you run a small daycare, a larger scaled preschool, or an early development facility for children, you want to be sure your staff is a group of trustworthy professionals. Most background check services will screen the candidate’s federal and state criminal history, but we recommend a more comprehensive package like our due diligence package.

A professional background screening company will also looks through the National Sex Offender registry, a national database search for electronic records associated with the candidate, and will also run a Social Security Number Trace to confirm the personal identifying information provided by the candidate. Safety of the children you are responsible for is your number one priority, and working closely with a professional screening company can help you achieve a safe space.


Dealing with other people’s finances is no joke. Experiencing internal theft or fraud is a real possibility and a risk that must be minimized, so extra precautions need to be taken during the interview process. Employment screening services check for past misconduct and may help you use better judgment when screening your potential candidates for the position. For clients in the banking industry, we recommend adding a credit report and additional sanction searches like the FDIC Enforcement Decisions and Orders search to our due diligence package.

Residential Living

Background screening is also great for landlords and building managers. Proper screening can help you dodge a bullet if the potential tenant is unreliable and has had issues paying their rent on time in the past.

While screening for a tenant’s past credit history is important, it is equally vital to check for past criminal history. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your residents, and including criminal history checks in your screening process can help provide peace of mind to those renting from you. Be sure to screen employees and contractors who engage with residents as well. 

Professional Background Checks for the Professional Workplace

While many institutions and places of employment already benefit from background check services, it’s important to know that the company providing those services is competent, reliable, and accurate. Be sure to consider the reputation of the screening company prior to engagement by asking for references, turnover rate, and dispute percentage. 

If you work in childcare, residential living, banking, or any other industry, PSI can help you with professional background screening services that are customized to meet your specific needs. Call us today at (706) 235-7574 to find out more about our company.