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The Benefits of a Third-Party Employment History Service

PSI Team | Uncategorized


Hiring someone is always a great risk for a company, which is why a background check is so necessary. But answering these background requests can take a long time and cost you resources, not to mention the hold-up they create for anyone making the request. That’s why you should think about hiring third-party verification companies that can handle these problems. Here are the benefits of a third-party employment history service.

Help HR

Most requests for employment verification come to your HR department. The HR department must then respond to all these requests, wasting a lot of time to pull up records that you might not keep on hand. Hiring a third-party employment history service means that your HR department doesn’t have to deal with the requests at all, helping them deal with other matters and saving you time and money.

Speed Up Request Response

These employment history services are only for the singular purpose of processing incoming requests for employee records. These systems are quick to respond to any request and save both parties a lot of time, helping your employees with whatever they need when dealing with these other companies. Your internal request turnaround will also speed up with this system, meaning you can request and track data on your own employees much more efficiently.

Happier Employees

A quick and easy response system isn’t just a good thing for you as an employer—it’s also good for your employees. There’re many times that employees will need access to proof of employment for things such as bank loans or dealing with landlords. Having a fast response to these requests helps your workers reach a better level of livelihood and can help a lot with morale.

These are the benefits of a third-party employment history service that are easy to see. There are plenty of other benefits, such as data tracking for your company or storage outsourcing, that can help enable your company to reach new heights.