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Reasons To Use E-Verify as Part of Your Hiring Process

Sarah Long | Uncategorized

Reasons To Use E-Verify as Part of Your Hiring Process

E-verify is the process where an internet database system compares the information provided by a prospective hire in an application with different federal entities. If you have a business and are going through the hiring and recruiting process, there are many ways in which this process can help you succeed.

Using e-verify as part of your hiring process will lead to a safer space and help you avoid some future problems. This service is available for any business because it verifies that the person applying to a role within your company has all the pertinent documents.

Quick Response

Checking that a prospect has all the proper documentation matching the information on an application is quick and safe. Hiring someone you don’t know is a risk; you must ensure that the person has the proper experience and skills. Doing this process online is the quickest way to verify information with the right company to deliver reliable results.

Protect the Job

Ensuring that a person has the proper documentation will protect your company, the job, and the person applying. If certain papers are not in order, the person will not get the benefits of working for a company like yours. A business needs to take care of everyone in its employ, but onboarding someone without taking these necessary first steps could pose a challenge.

Complement a Background Check

With an e-verification process, you will not have any information regarding background or criminal checks; this process is in place exclusively to identify eligibility to work. As an employer, you must have e-verify compliance to ensure your business is working within the proper rules and regulations. This process, in conjunction with a background check, will give you all the necessary information to make the best-informed decision.

Double-Check Information

Depending on your company’s size and the industry you manage, hiring the right person could make a big difference. It is not uncommon for some people to lie on their resumes or applications to get ahead in the game, but this could put multiple things at risk. Double-checking information by using e-verify as part of your hiring process will ensure your business hires the right people.

Check Your State’s Laws

Using an e-verify system is mandatory for different states in the US; you need to check your local rules and guidelines to understand when you need to conduct these checks. Regulations are a safe way to deal with online applications; with a massive shift into the online world, it’s easy for companies to misuse these platforms when they want to avoid noting certain information.