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Misconceptions of Background Checks

PSI Team | Uncategorized

When it comes to employee screening, there are always new methods, technologies, and regulations to keep up with and follow. As such, there can be a lot of misinformation that goes around regarding background checks. As an employer, it’s important to make well-informed decisions throughout your hiring process. To help, here are some popular misconceptions of background checks and why they are incorrect.

It’s All About Criminal Records

When people think of background checks, they often think of criminal records. However, background checks cover much more than that. Information on credit history, education, experience, and driving records can also appear on background screenings. Further, a background check that returns with a criminal record doesn’t automatically mean you can deny employment to that candidate. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Fair Credit Reporting Act, job candidates should have the chance to dispute or explain the information. A criminal record should only prevent employment if the conviction is relevant to the job. For example, an employer may disqualify someone with a DUI from a job that requires driving. However, that DUI shouldn’t affect the peron’s application to be a cashier.

Internet Background Checks Cover Everything

While it’s true that it’s possible to order a background check online, the information isn’t nearly as dependable as a professional background check would be. Internet checks may come back with incomplete or even inaccurate information, and they might even pull up information on the wrong person entirely. While the speed and accessibility of internet background checks may seem tempting, a professional background screening company is your best bet for an accurate and reliable background check.

They’re Only for Large Businesses

Many people regard background checks as something limited to the corporate world. While we don’t often think of non-profit businesses, volunteer centers, or other smaller organizations performing background screenings, that doesn’t mean they can’t—or shouldn’t. Despite one of the biggest misconceptions of background checks, there are many reasons for different employers to use background checks in their recruitment process. Background checks are a good idea for anyone who will work with children or the elderly, large equipment or sensitive information.