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Instances to Repeat a Background Check

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10 Instances To Repeat a Background Check

For most companies, running background checks on new employees has become a standard part of the hiring process. While pre-employment background screening is essential to maintaining a safe, credible, and successful business, more and more employers are also starting to see the benefits of post-employment screening. Employee responsibility and accountability are just as important after they start working for you, and their results on a background check can always change—even if they stay with your company for years. While there may not always be an obvious need for it, there are many cases when a post-employment background check is necessary. Here are some instances to perform a repeat background check with your employees.


A promotion or other change in an employee’s responsibilities in the job is the perfect time to conduct a background check. Think of it as re-hiring that employee. You wouldn’t hire an out-of-house individual without doing a background check on their qualifications, and the same should apply to whoever gets the promotion. New responsibilities—in and out of an official promotion—often mean access to sensitive data, company systems and processes, and other important information. Repeating background checks for promotions is a good way to ensure you can trust your employees with the increased responsibility their new role requires.

Returning Workers

Full-time workers are a given when it comes to requiring background checks. However, many businesses take on seasonal employees or volunteers without thinking to perform a repeat background check on their current qualifications. Employee screening is a good idea every time an individual returns to a company. Seasonal employees or volunteers often spend a lot of time interacting with customers or other staff, but employers have no way of knowing what temporary workers do outside of the workplace. By conducting repeat screenings every time you take on returning workers, you help guarantee the safety of your clients and current employees.

Working with Vulnerable Groups

Like with pre-employment background checks, there are certain career fields where employee screening is especially crucial. If your employees are going to work with more vulnerable demographics, such as kids, the elderly, or medical patients, you need to know their background. It’s important to stay up to date with their criminal record and other background information.


More and more governments are requiring school teachers, administrators, and other staff to submit repeat background screenings. This is a good idea for any organization that works with children. From part-time volunteers to teachers who work for a school district for years, run a background check. Employers need to have regular confirmation that these employees are still safe and responsible enough to be around children. By making these routine background screenings the standard, schools and organizations make it clear that the wellbeing of the kids they work with is their number one priority. When it comes to childcare, there is no such thing as being too careful.


Similar to individuals working with children, senior caregivers should also submit regular background checks. Elder abuse is, unfortunately, a common issue. However, while the pre-employment checks for caregivers and nursing home employees are standard, routine screenings are less common. As physical and mental problems arise in aging individuals, they become a target for manipulation or other forms of abuse. This is why post-employment background checks are important in elderly care. Employees should always keep an eye out for potential red flags with their caregivers. Even if a background check reveals nothing that involves elderly patients, anyone with a history of violence or theft can pose a threat to their patients. Repeat background checks also help ensure a senior care facility maintains its reputation as a safe and dependable place for its patients.

Healthcare Patients

One of the most crucial instances to repeat a background check is in the healthcare industry. It’s vital for hospitals and other medical facilities to obtain and keep information about their employees’ criminal history, education and employment verification, and any necessary licenses or certificates. Background checks to ensure up-to-date employee qualifications, like continuing educations classes, are vital in health care. Like with senior care, healthcare facilities want to have a shining reputation. Regular background checks are crucial in establishing a culture of trust, responsibility, and safety between staff and patients alike.

Sensitive Jobs

There are some occupations that, though not dealing with vulnerable populations, still include responsibilities that require regular background checks. For example, say your accountant passed a pre-employment background check with no issues. However, in the time they’ve worked for you, they earned themselves a lot of credit card debt. You probably wouldn’t want that person handling your finances. Jobs that deal with specific responsibilities—such as finances, driving, or sensitive information—should require regular background checks. This will help you ensure your employees are still the right people to perform these roles.

Security and Job Performance

Even if you don’t think your business requires regular post-employment background checks, they might be a good idea if certain problems arise. If productivity and sales numbers are going down or concerns and issues are rising, it’s worth looking into your employees’ backgrounds again. Security issues, job performance, and interoffice complaints are all reasons to keep a closer eye on your employees’ information. Routine background screenings are also a great preventative measure to help stop these issues before they can harm your workers or your company.

Keeping up with Requirements

Many jobs require certain certifications or licenses. Regular background checks help verify that employees maintain these qualifications and don’t let any of their requirements lapse. For example, this can be a major help for businesses that hire drivers. By verifying that their employees keep up with these certifications, companies avoid any legal risks that arise from neglected requirements. This same logic applies to jobs that require ongoing educational requirements. Regular employee screenings ensure that employees are staying up to date with their industry’s standards and criteria.

Regular Checks

No matter who you hire or what your business does, routine post-employment background checks are a huge benefit to your company. Regular background checks help maintain a safe workplace and preserve a company’s value and reputation as it grows. You need to ensure the people you hire remain honest and dependable workers throughout their time with your business. This way, you know your reputation and success are in the hands of the best employees possible.

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