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How Schools Can Track Student & Employee Vaccination Records

Sarah Long | Uncategorized

How Schools Can Track Student & Employee Vaccination Records

Whether your state follows the federal laws put in place to have all teachers and students vaccinated or your school district made that choice, this requirement will involve a lot more record-keeping than usual. While you may have other systems in place for your medical records, they might not be ideal for recording various vaccination statuses. Regardless of your current situation, we’re here to go over how schools can track student and employee vaccination records and why it’s important.

A Physical Filing System

The most basic way to keep track of vaccination statuses is to use a physical filing system. All you have to do is make a printed copy of each vaccination card and file it with the teacher’s or student’s other medical records. If you want a more streamlined system specifically for these cards, you could set up a separate cabinet specifically for them and nothing else. That way, they’re all easily accessible from one place.

A Virtual Filing System

However, if your school has moved past physical files and gone virtual, there’s no reason to go back. It’s easier and more convenient to keep a record of all this information online. That way, you can access it from anywhere and quickly search for whichever forms you need at a moment’s notice.

If your medical record tracking system is out of date or you’re looking to start using one, we’d recommend looking into our services. We have a top-of-the-line system that’s intuitive to use and will keep your info safe and secure. It’s undoubtedly the best way to track who has and hasn’t received their vaccine.

Why This Is So Important

Now that you know how schools can track student and employee vaccination records, you need to also understand why you must do this. Nobody knows what will happen next during this pandemic. While things aren’t as bad as they originally were, they could take a sudden turn at any point. If that happens, it will benefit students if they don’t have to go back to online learning.

Many kids struggled during the first year of the pandemic because of that, and while safety is the most important thing, so are your students’ future education. Mandating that everyone at the school get their shots will help keep kids in classrooms for as long as possible to ensure a stable learning environment.