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How Rideshare and Delivery Driver Background Checks Work

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How Rideshare and Delivery Driver Background Checks Work

The new gig economy created plenty of opportunities for people to find work. If you have a car and a driver’s license, for example, you are ready to chauffer people where they want to go or deliver food and other goods to customers. Should anyone be allowed to become a rideshare or delivery driver? Maybe not. People need to trust the ones who are taking them places or coming to their door, so background checks are necessary.

You want to know the people you hire will keep your clients safe on the road. Otherwise, disaster can occur, leading to loss of life and limb, as well as your credibility as a company. Before you take on any new drivers, investigate their past and make sure you are selecting the right people for the job. Here’s how rideshare and delivery driver background checks work and how you can find the best candidates.

Beginning at the Beginning

There is no set or standard background check for rideshare drivers and delivery people. Most of the major companies, however, tend to work with two or three companies to investigate a potential hire’s history. The hiring teams conduct their own form of background check, and by and large they look for two things: the person’s driving history and criminal record, if they have one. Their drivers should have clean records that prove safe driving habits on the road and good habits in life.

Licensed, or Not?

Clearly, a delivery driver needs to be able to legally drive. Background checks help rideshare and delivery driver companies ensure a potential hire not only knows how to operate a vehicle but is also allowed to do so. Background checks seek information from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that issued the person’s driver’s license. They will confirm if the candidate has a current driver’s license and that it hasn’t been suspended or otherwise held by the authorities.

The candidate must have been on the road long enough to be considered an experienced and trustworthy driver, which can be arbitrary. Still, three years of driving experience is usually enough to signal a degree of aptitude. An inexperienced driver shouldn’t expect to get a rideshare or delivery job, of course, especially if they are underaged. Some companies only hire drivers who are at least 23. Other rideshare and delivery services are less strict. Here are the usual standards: A candidate needs a current driver’s license and several years of experience on the road.

Good Driver? Bad Driver?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. A potential candidate’s driving record will come under terrific scrutiny, so a clean driving record is paramount. Employers look for a history of moving violations and accidents. While the number of offences permitted may vary, the greater the violation, the less likely a person will be seen as a worthy candidate.

Having four or more minor violations or one major violation (or any combination thereof) over the course of three years can disqualify someone from becoming a rideshare or delivery driver. Driving under the influence or drug arrests and convictions are big red flags, as is a conviction related to driving recklessly, a hit and run, or a vehicular homicide. A single DUI is enough to make hiring teams turn down a candidate, which shouldn’t be surprising.

Criminal Background Checks

Customer safety is the watchword, so rideshare and delivery companies take a dim view of criminal pasts. Non-vehicle-related offenses can also put the stink on a person’s application. Background checks bring to light any arrests and convictions on a local, regional, state, and federal level, as well as sex offender lists. More serious criminal actions—felonies, sexual assault, terrorism, and other violent crimes—often disqualify a candidate.

Nonviolent misdemeanors and minor crimes committed in one’s youth may be overlooked, but that is up to the companies. Few of these organizations want to put their customers at risk.

Other Elements

Driving and criminal records are big parts of rideshare and delivery driver background checks, but they’re not the only things companies look for. Background checks also ensure a person is who they say they are through identity verification and what companies they worked for previously, otherwise known as employment history. Hiring teams may contact past employers to confirm reliability, absenteeism, and skills. Federal law requires proof that the candidate is able to work in the United States of America. Finally, credit and education background checks are less common but should not be totally discounted.

Follow Up

Even if nothing comes up from a candidate’s background check, the company that hired them may still perform custom background checks periodically to ensure their criminal and driving records remain clean. Scrutiny is the watchword; bad behavior and a pattern of driving violations during employment can only reflect poorly on the driver and lead to a termination of their job. The screening process never truly ends. Finally, the rideshare or delivery company will consult customer reviews; too many negative remarks and reports of questionable activity are big disqualifiers.

On the plus side, the entire process costs the candidate nothing and can be completed in a matter of days. Background check companies promise complete confidentiality, and the results of the check will only be shared with the employer. Truthfully, people with any so-called red flags in their past should know that they will show up in a background check.

That’s the gist of how rideshare and delivery driver background checks work. If you have any questions about running background checks for your own company or seek a consultation on the best course of action, please contact us today at PSI! We offer thorough, reliable, accurate, and secure background checks that help you make sure you are hiring the best candidates. Our services are fast and come at reasonable pricing to ensure all checks are conducted with integrity and in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws. We look forward to hearing from you and forming a plan that meets your company’s special needs.

How Rideshare and Delivery Driver Background Checks Work