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How Often You Should Run Employee Background Checks

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How Often You Should Run Employee Background Checks

When considering a job candidate, you likely perform a background check. After all, you don’t really know this person beyond what they’ve already shared with you. Is it worth repeating this process after several years? Companies that regularly handle large amounts of money or sensitive personal information require clear heads and clean records to ensure employee and customer safety. Learn how often you should run employee background checks.

Every Two to Five Years

If you’re planning to run background checks on employees, do them every two to five years. However, some jobs may demand more frequent background checks. Ever since the September 11 Attacks, background checks on aviation industry employees occur every two years. People holding government positions with access to military secrets may experience background checks more frequently to ensure they’re not compromised.

Employee Behavior

Some things might provoke the need for a new background check. For instance, if a once reliable employee begins to display erratic behavior, causes trouble with other employees, or is clearly intoxicated on the job, regular background checks can help you get to the bottom of it. You may not be aware of what’s happening in an employee’s life after work hours. Some life events can put people at risk or leave them vulnerable to poor decision-making. If you’re aware of problems in an otherwise trustworthy employee’s life, you can offer them help through rehabilitation or mental health services.

Protecting Clients

Some industries, like healthcare and childcare, put employees in close contact with the most vulnerable people in our communities. This can lead to abuse, fraud, neglect, and sexual assault. Periodic background checks can ensure workers are keeping their noses clean, and that employers can trust them with those who can’t protect themselves.

Be Safe but Fair

Now you know how often many industries run employee background checks so let’s ponder the next steps. You must have an open policy about regular background checks. Avoid discrimination or even the appearance of discrimination by making it an ongoing and comprehensive policy for all employees. Finally, keep an open mind and give an employee a chance to explain any discrepancies that might appear in a background check.

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