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How Can I Make My Workplace A Safer Space?

PSI Team | Uncategorized

In light of the Capital One data breach, it’s understandable for many workplaces to be on edge. While the Equifax data breach that occured in 2017 was bad, the recent Capital One data breach was faster, and affected over 100 million credit card applications. 

In the aftermath of the breach, many organizations are looking to boost their company’s safety and security to prevent a major breach from happening at the expense of their own customers. Here are a few ways you can boost your workplace’s security to prevent a data breach of your own.

Have your employees screened and trained on safety precautions

You might screen your employees during the hiring process to ensure everything on their resume is in order. However, it’s also important to routinely screen your employees to make sure they haven’t developed a criminal record that could come back to hurt your company.

It’s also a good idea to train your employees on cyber-safety precautions and procedures at your organization. While your workers may be familiar with standard procedures, some in-depth knowledge on the best practices is worth knowing.

Reward your employees for practicing safe behavior

Once your employees have been trained on cyber-safety precautions and procedures, consider rewarding them periodically for practicing safe behavior. Small rewards not only encourage workplace safety, but they also help employees remember to follow safety policies.

When your employees are engaged with your organization’s safety culture, you can make a big difference in reducing all workplace injuries and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Use labels and signs around the office

Strategically placing labels and signs are another great way to keep your employees engaged and encourage workplace cyber-safety. Labels and signs are a cheap, effective way of conveying important information quickly and effectively.

What’s more, you can easily change out labels and signs as your policies and procedures change.

Looking for professional screening services?

When it comes to hiring, nothing is more important to the security of your workplace than professional background checks. Over 96% of the employers surveyed by reported that their companies conduct at least one type of employment background screening such as criminal checks, third party employment verification, and immunization tracking.

If you’re looking to protect your workplace and increase your security, consider using professional screening services to ensure your employees have the expertise they claim. For more information on professional background checks and third party employment verification services, contact PSI Background Screening today.