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Considerations When Choosing A Background Check Provider

PSI Team | Uncategorized

Pre-employment screenings effectively help determine whether a candidate is an exceptional fit for a role. As such, for many businesses, it’s beneficial to work with a company that specializes in background checks. Below, we identify some of the most important considerations when choosing a background check provider.

Compliance with Federal and State Law

Without a doubt, it’s best to work with a company that follows local, state, and federal guidelines. They’ll be knowledgeable about pre-screening consent from potential new hires as well as following through with best practices. A reliable background screening provider will also ensure that records reported to you are not restricted under federal or applicable state law.


Every company’s fees will vary; however, what matters is whether they can provide you with a detailed estimate. No matter the business you select, remember that screening costs are generally much less than terminating and rehiring employees.

Industry Experience

Typically, when a background check company is in business for many years, they can build a positive reputation with numerous clients. This is because, over time, these companies learn not to skimp on what’s important. Providers that have built a solid reputation have often done so by ensuring that they provide accurate results and assist their clients with compliance related to the use of background reports. They work as an extension of your human resources team, and partner with you to reduce cost and labor in the hiring process. Shared values make it easier for the screening company to be there for their clients and offer guidance throughout the entire process. In turn, they’ll be able to effectively interact with employees to retrieve the information they need, and ultimately, put the companies that work with them first.

Additionally, you probably don’t want delays in your hiring process—the wait can deter prospective employees. The background check provider you work with should complete the screenings quickly. If they can return information within a couple of business days, the company’s turnaround time shouldn’t cause any issues for you.

Service Customization

Before working with a screening company, consider the types of screenings that should be performed on your candidates. Some providers offer premade plans, while others design plans catered to the companies they serve. A good provider should offer recommendations for searches based on your industry, but they should also allow for customization. Choose the company that’s most compatible with the background checks you want to require from your applicants.

Technological Capabilities

Companies want the ability to effortlessly couple background checks with their ATS, or Applicant Tracking System. This way, they can effectively manage private information and handle spontaneous changes without making errors. Background screening providers with proprietary software, like PSI, will typically have an open-ended API, which allows for seamless integration with most any Applicant Tracking System.

If your company still needs to complete background checks for potential employees, think about contacting PSI for background screening services. Founded over two decades ago, we lead the way in accuracy, security, and overall professionalism.