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4 Types of Companies That Must Test Employees for Marijuana

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4 Types of Companies That Must Test Employees for Marijuana

While the use of cannabis has been legalized in numerous states around the US, it’s not legal everywhere. An employer cannot dictate whether you can use it after hours, but they can forbid its use on-site and require you to come to work sober. In other words, your employer can establish rules about its use in the workplace and even require cannabis use testing from employees. However, some companies may be more stringent than others about marijuana use. Here are four types of companies that must test employees for marijuana.

Federal Contractors

In 1988, the US Federal government enacted the Drug-free Workplace Act. The act stipulates that companies and other entities that receive a federal contract of more than $100,000 or a grant in any amount must maintain a drug-free workspace. While certain substances may be legal after hours, these companies require that employees be sober on company time.

Transportation Industry

Another instance where the federal government has a say is through the Department of Transportation (DOT). These jobs may require pre-employment as well as post-employment testing for pilots, railroad engineers, truck drivers, bus drivers, and similar positions. DOT regulations specify that operators must perform their duties in a safe and responsible manner, requiring a clear and sober head to avoid potential accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Construction Jobs

Construction is another industry ripe for potential accidents. Every construction site, no matter how big or small, poses risks of injury and death. Workers must be clear-headed to operate tools and heavy equipment, work high above the ground, deal with electricity, fuel, and dangerous chemicals, and do other activities on-site. Construction companies may require testing as well as rehab and proof of sobriety before an individual who has tested positive for cannabis use can return to work.

The Military

The US military is another workplace that must test employees for marijuana. As part of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, members of the military are required to submit to drug testing at least once a year. Again, this is intended to ensure they are sober, on and off duty. The Department of Defense also requires that workers of companies and other organizations with access to classified documents must remain drug-free to maintain trust and protect information and employees.

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