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3 Critical Background Checks for Retail Employees

PSI Team | Uncategorized

Retail employees hold a lot of responsibility. They must work well with last-minute schedule changes, handle hundreds of transactions a day, and provide excellent customer service. Because of this, it’s important for retail employers and store owners to perform background checks on every individual they bring on board. To ensure a safe and productive work environment, here are some of the most critical background checks for retail employees.

Criminal Background Check

Criminal history is a staple in most background checks. Part of your job as a business owner is to create a safe environment for your customer base. Because retail employees spend much of their day interacting with your customers, you must hire trustworthy and dependable people. A criminal background check lets you know what charges your employees have faced and why, meaning that you have a better idea of what to expect from them on the job.

Drug Screening

To further ensure customer safety, retail employers should require a drug test before hiring someone. The use of illegal substances is a serious issue that can affect all aspects of a user’s life. By requiring drug screenings from all job applicants, you help guarantee that your workers stay safe, sober, and productive while in your employment.

Employment Background Check

One of the most critical background checks for retail employees—and all employees in general—is employment history. This validates an individual’s work history and ensures that the information they put on their resume and job application is true. While you need to know your employees’ work history, it’s even more important to know how truthful they are. If a candidate lies on their application, they probably aren’t the most dependable person to work for you.

When a business takes care of its customers, they keep coming back. When an employer takes care of their employees, they foster a sense of loyalty in the company. By utilizing these and other employment screening services, business owners can create an environment that employees want to work within and customers want to return to.