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3 Benefits of Using an I-9 Verification Service

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3 Benefits of Using an I-9 Verification Service

When you’re going through the hiring process as an employer, you have to make sure the candidates meet the established criteria for work. An I-9 form is a way for a candidate to prove their eligibility to work in the US; every new employee needs to fill out one of these forms with the correct information.

However, human errors can happen. Here are three benefits of using an I-9 verification service for accurate screenings and results.

It Improves Accuracy

A verification system that is integrated with E-Verify for I-9 forms compares the information that an employee wrote down when filling out the form with the data from the US Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records. This confirms that the information the employee provided is correct and that they are eligible to work in the United States.

E-Verify is not mandatory for every state, but it provides the necessary information to help you avoid any legal problems in the future and any penalties for your business. Human mistakes are common when people are filling out paper information, but a verification service will ensure that your hiring process remains legal in terms of your new employees’ immigration or legal statuses.

Offers Easy Online Verification

E-Verify is a process that needs preparation. As a business-owner or employer, if you want to use this service, you’ll need extensive training not just for yourself but also for your human resources personnel. Hiring a company that provides an I-9 verification service will save you time and money that you can put back into your business. Professional verification services reduce the potential for errors and save you time by completing and verifying the forms simultaneously. It’s a one-time data entry that automatically compares the provided information with a person’s records and then submits—all without any additional work from you as the employer.

Prepares You for Compliance Audits

Audits are widespread for businesses, ensuring that everything is working the way it should be. When you use an I-9 verification service, you’ll get notifications and data validation about your employees so that you’re well-prepared in advance for an audit. This benefit of using an I-9 verification service provides you with tools to manage your business in the best way possible, without any problems or fines. These notifications will also tell you if any information about one of your employees has changed. For example, someone could be on a work visa that’s about to expire; you’ll get a notification with this information, allowing you to address the issue and keep everything running smoothly. It will also notify you of any missing information, any required new information, and any recent changes in federal laws and how they might affect your business.