PSI offers world-wide pre-employment screening services for individuals and organizations. We provide far more than background checks, and our services can be customized to fit your needs.

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Pre-Employment Background Check Services

PSI conducts thorough pre-employment background screening services for organizations and businesses. We put each background check through a vigorous quality control process that is evaluated for any errors, omissions, or redundancies. Our knowledgeable staff has decades of experience in background screening and prepares each background check report with the utmost confidentiality and accuracy so that you can have 100% confidence in our reporting. PSI is a member of The National Association of Professional Background Screeners, with several staff members holding NAPBS Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification.

The differentiating factor in PSI’s pre-employment screening products is their simplicity and easy to understand reporting format. When a college, business, or organization wants to perform a background check on an individual during the employment application process or for a clinical background check, they can designate a security code for the organization or individual to log into and obtain these results through PSI’s proprietary customer application. PSI’s online background check system is easy to use, hassle-free, and competitively priced for businesses looking to purchase pre-employment background checks in bulk.

We offer standard as well as custom background screening packages to meet your business’s needs. We work with customers from all industries and verticals. (not sure that this is the word to be used- may be better to say “We work with customers of all sizes and from all industries.)

PSI standard or due diligence background check package includes the following components:

We offer a wide variety of other criminal history searches and services such as Education Verification, Employment Verification, Reference Checks, Credit Reports, and Immunization Record Tracking. If you’re looking for any other areas to screen, please take a look at our Custom Packages or call our office at (706) 235-7574.

Pre-employment background screening is a standard practice at a large organization. However, incorporating background checks in your hiring process is a modern-day sensible option for small to medium-sized businesses as well. Organizations perform pre-employment screenings and background checks because they want to limit their risk of negligent hiring. We often hear the phrase that “there are always a few bad apples in the bunch,” but with PSI, you can cut the percentage of bad apples down significantly. We recommend starting with our standard criminal history background check and adding additional searches like education and employment verifications for more breadth.

Here are some of the industries that PSI specializes in providing pre-employment screening services:

Healthcare (Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics)

Hospitals and clinics are held to a very high standard when it comes to the skills, integrity, and background of the individuals they employ. Businesses in the healthcare industry are at a greater risk of liability for negligent hiring because of the sensitive nature of their employee’s responsibilities. When it comes to your health, you want to be treated by experts, and that’s why PSI works with medical facilities as a partner to ensure due diligence when screening future employees.

Financial risk from hiring incompetent employees is enormous for healthcare facilities. Avoid malpractice law suits by screening your candidates thoroughly.

Churches & Religious Organizations

There are many levels and positions in religious organizations from volunteer positions, to directors and pastors. We offer customized background screening services for religious organizations that are relevant to the position, affordable, and accurate. We can perform anything from drug testing, sex offender registry checks, criminal background checks, education verifications and more.

Educational Institutions (Universities and Colleges)

PSI is often sought out by highly regarded universities and colleges to do background screenings for faculty and staff, as well as for clinical rotations, and other student programs that work with vulnerable populations. Along with criminal history checks, PSI provides additional services such as education verification, certification and licensure checks, employment verification or references, and motor vehicle checks. These can add breadth to your institutions’ background checks and meet requirements provided by clinical sites and companies who are working with your students.

City, County, and State Governments

We like to see state and local governments be the best that they can be. If you have no idea where to start on checking your applicants’ background, we can help. We offer a wide variety of screening services from standard criminal history checks, to in-depth checks covering employment verification or references, education verification, civil searches, and media searches. If your applicant is going to work with budgets, pull their credit history. If your applicant is going to be issuing parking tickets, pull their motor vehicle record. Follow the link below to gain a better insight on which searches will identify the best candidates for the job you’re looking to fill.

Non-Profit Organizations

PSI offers background screenings for non-profit organizations that are looking to hire people that care about a cause. We know that the character of a person is extremely important when hiring candidates in a not for profit business. These organizations want people who are in it to change something for the better- not just for the money. This is why we recommend a criminal background check and other services like social and neighbor reference checks and previous employment references.

Common Packages

Are you are looking for a package based on your specific industry needs? Would you like more information about what is recommended for a standard background check? PSI offers a variety of packages including background checks to meet due-diligence. PSI can help your organization reduce liability without paying for more than you actually need.

Custom Packages

Looking for some additional services? PSI offers a variety of searches for your pre-employment and background screening needs. Whether it is criminal history, government sanction searches, motor vehicle reports, or personal references, PSI can customize a package that best suits the needs of your organization. You can add in searches to our common packages, or customize your own screening.

Get More with PSI

We stand behind our services and work to ensure your satisfaction. From complimentary searches, to assistance with compliance in the Adverse Action Process, PSI will work with your organization as a pre-employment screening partner. Let PSI help you reduce liability while increasing efficiency, by providing accurate and secure background screening services.

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