This web-based service is designed to save schools and organizations time and money by collecting and organizing immunization and healthcare records into one, easy to manage system. Login to your Individual BackgroundWise account to begin entering records for MedWise.

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Immunization Tracking and Medical Information Storage

We Take Immunization Tracking to a New Level


Universities and other organizations choose our immunization tracking system because of its intuitive and easy to use platform. Medwise is a service that can store, track, and relay immunization data for organizations and individuals. Our clients choose to equip themselves with a paperless, efficient system that tracks a person’s immunizations while remaining completely HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

Our system is built to be simple and compact. Individuals only need one login to complete the requirements of our background check and immunization tracking services. Other companies would require an individual to use multiple logins, multiple passwords, and complicated directions to log in.

PSI believes in professionalism, service, and integrity. So it only follows that the data you give us will be stored securely and confidentially. Our system uses layered firewalls and Secure Socket Layer encryption to put your security worries at ease. Keep your students’ and employees’ immunization data safe with Medwise.

Best of all, Medwise can send email notifications tailored to your organization’s requirements. It can notify your team of expiring CPR certifications, health insurance, or other time-sensitive documents. On the other side of that, Medwise notifies individuals that they have annual shots or important vaccinations coming up. With these notifications, we can help individuals fill in the missing information on their documents and provide serious value to your organization.

Simplified Healthcare Compliance
  • Our unique Compliance Report is generated at the touch of a button, allowing you to see who has met the requirements of your organization in one, easy to read report.
  • Our secure system for MedWise is in compliance according to all HIPAA and FERPA requirements.
How does MedWise Work?
  • Email notifications are sent to the individual regarding missing documentation or incomplete requirements.
  • Email alerts are sent regarding future vaccination deadlines or expirations on required documents.
  • PSI can notify your team of annual proof of CPR certification, health insurance, or any other requirements.
Also need Background Checks?

Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • criminal & civil background checks
  • drug screening
  • social security number trace
  • credit reports
  • employment and education verification
  • professional license and certification verification
  • sanction searches

And much more!

Interested in I9/E-Verify Services?
  • PSI is an authorized E-Verify Employer Agent.
  • Help ensure that your workforce is legally authorized to work in the United States while reducing cost and risk.
  • simplify and improve the efficiency of your Form I-9 process and decrease human errors.