PSI's ReferenceWise system provides automated employment verifications for many employers through our secured online system. Login as a Verifier to obtain an employment verification for employment or credit purposes.

Verifier Login for ReferenceWise

Employer and Creditor Reference Checks

Let us store your employees' data and handle verification requests for you. It’s free and earns your company revenue.


Is another company or credit lender bugging your personnel staff for employment verification or reference checks? Free up the time and energy of your human resources department by storing your current and previous employees’ employment history information with us. When you use ReferenceWise to store data, you will be given a unique code to give other employers or credit lenders who are seeking employment details on your current or previous employees. After they enter in the code, they will be charged a fee of $18.95 to obtain the employment history data that you chose to store with PSI. This information may include job title, dates of employment, eligibility for rehire, wage information, etc. We recommend providing job title and dates of employment at a minimum, the rest of the information is optional.

By letting PSI store this information and offer instant access to those with a permissible purpose for obtaining it, your company essentially eliminates the wasted time and resources that it takes to verify employment histories for your existing and former employees. Your employees’ information is stored safely, securely, and permanently in our database. Our ReferenceWise service is free to any company and can help you generate revenue by leveraging your employment data. When you use this service in conjunction with our background check services, we provide credit on your pre-employment background screening invoice every time a verifier pulls a ReferenceWise report on one of your employees.

By letting PSI generate employment verification reports for you, you:

Data Provided by ReferenceWise

ReferenceWise is fully customizable to ensure that only the data you want provided to employers and creditors is available. The most common data provided by ReferenceWise is:

  • dates of employment
  • job title
  • eligibility for rehire (optional)
  • wage information (optional)


Why Use ReferenceWise?
  • No setup or monthly/annual fees
  • Save time and money by reallocating your Human Resources professionals
  • Annual employment verifications provided to employees at no charge
  • Audit trail of those who have purchased your data
  • FREE service that helps your company generate revenue
Looking for Background Checks?

Let PSI help reduce risk for your company through BackgroundWise:

  • International, Federal, State and County Criminal History
  • Education Verification
  • Drug Screening
  • Reference Checks
  • Credit Reports
  • Sanction Searches

And much more!

I9 and E-Verify Services

PSI is an authorized E-Verify Employer Agent. Our VerifyWise service can help your company:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Ensure your workforce is legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Decrease human errors in completing Form I-9's

We can reduce your exposure to government audits and costly penalties!