At PSI we pride ourselves in the services we provide to our clients. We believe as your pre-employment screening provider, we should be available to you and work with you during each step of the background investigation process.

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About PSI


PSI is a professional background check company that offers public, private and non-profit organizations pre-employment screening services they can feel confident relying upon. We expedite your candidate selection process by performing the background screening, drug screening, reference checks, education verification and many other pre-employment screening services.  In addition, we are able to provide Electronic I-9 and E-Verify as a post-hire service. phases for you.

If you represent a school or university, we can assist in providing background and drug screening services that are often required for clinical rotations or onsite learning opportunities. You may also consider using MedWise, an immunization tracking software that tracks your students' or employees' immunizations and certifications, such as CPR, and titers such as those required by many healthcare organizations for tuberculosis and varicella.

At PSI we take the background investigative process very seriously. We realize the sensitivity of the data we are analyzing and housing. When we conduct a background screening, it is methodically investigated and documented. We prepare our background investigations with consideration of the regulations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other applicable federal and state laws. We ensure that we go beyond the call of "due diligence."

We strive to be the most competent pre-employment background check company in the industry. To accomplish this, we will continue to provide these 4 things:

  1. Unprecedented customer service.
  2. Confidential and responsible methods of data collection, housing, and dissemination.
  3. A safer work environment for our clients and their employees.
  4. Thorough records with the utmost accuracy and precision.

To read more about how PSI has become one of the best background check companies in the United States for both domestic and international background screening, read more about our history, philosophy, and values.

Background Wise

Whether you're an organization, contractor, or student, we provide background checks and pre-employment screening services at a very competitive price. Our comprehensive solutions include a wide variety of services such as criminal and civil background checks, drug screening, education verification, reference checks, sanction searches, and much more.